Why are our arcades better than others on the market?
* Local vendor if parts need replaced.
* These upright Mult-Arcade units are CNC cut for accuracy and hand assembled to ensure quality and reliability.
* Our cabinets are built using furniture construction technique-Dado corners, glued and bracing. (No other vendors Dado there’s).
* Our unique cabinet design has been specifically created to use an LCD monitor. Other manufacturers use cabinets that have been adapted for use with older style CRT monitors and use heater straps from Home Depot to hold the monitor in.
* Cabinets are made from Melamine, Black is the most common, or plain particle and it can be painted any color you want.

(Melamine is particleboard laminated with a thermally fused paper/resin coating to provide a durable hard surface. Great for making cabinets because it wipes clean easily.)

* Arcade Cabinet Made from ¾ inch Melamine board.
* Custom Built 2 Player Control Panel (Trackball option available w/ PC build only)
* New Happ Buttons 6 for each player (Pick your colors)
*Arcade Graphics Package (Pick your Art)
* Black High Gloss Finish
* T-molding (pick from over 10 different colors)
* Speaker designed especially for arcade games, we use 6×9 shielded original arcade speakers vs others that use 4in 5w speakers.

* HDMI hookup in rear to allow it to be hooked up to a tv on the wall.
* Pandora Box DX Game Board 3000 Games  (Only board available on the market that allows you to add more games to the 3k already installed. (limited additional game selection available)


* Trackball +100 

  • DIMENSIONS 36 T X 24D X 32 W

Brand NEW pedestal cabinet designed and built by us using our long proven dado construction, graphics are printed on a 8mill vinyl and laminated with a 3mill laminate for durability.

Very durable construction design, rear door for easy access to internals, Leg levelers on the bottom. This is a NEW designed cabinet that will last a long time.

Comes with a 1 year parts replacement warranty just like our other cabinets.